Charities and The Eddystone Pursuit
 Why should charities get involved?

To raise funds.  Since this is an already well established event, it requires from charities only :

  • Minimal input in time.
  • Canvas those who sail amongst your supporters, encourage them to enter for the Pursuit then both charity and yacht owner/skipper can join forces to maximise sponsorship.
  • Opportunity to raise substantial funds in just one day.
  • Over the past six years one local charity has raised over £40,000 in sponsorship and approx. £22,000 in prize money, a huge total of more than £62,000.
  • Don’t be put off because you are not a ‘sailing’ charity – it is not necessary.   The Pursuit benefits many charities who have absolutely nothing to do with water sports.
  • The Pursuit however does benefit any charity whose aim is "to benefit the human condition”


Don't allow the event to stagnate on your PR or website.   Keep it updated regularly to encourage your supporters to raise sponsorship and if possible show how they are progressing.    Better still if you have been able to attract other yachts to make-up Teams (multiples of 3 boats).   Then there is prize money available from both the Team and Individual Events to swell the totals.

The 2014 winner of the Maximum Sponsorship prize had £8,000 of sponsorship and additionally won prize money to swell the total earned from taking part in the event.


From comparatively small beginnings in 2002 as an event for the 175th Anniversary of the RWYC it has developed over the years, until it has now come of age and is the third largest charity fund raising event in South-west England.   Why not be part of that success?!!

Reaping the Rewards

Some of the charities that have reaped substantial rewards by entering yachts in the Pursuit include the Island Trust, Horizons, Cremyll and the Bristol Channel PCT; North Devon Childrens’ Hospice, Devon Air Ambulance Trust, various Cancer charities, including Macmillan, FORCE and Marie Curie. These are all major beneficiaries from yachts entering the Pursuit.  We would love to add your name to that list! What is more you can use the Pursuit year on year to help fulfil your income needs without having to undertake any major organisational work yourselves – the Eddystone Charity Sailing Pursuit is a ready made fund raising event.


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