• The yacht types taking part in the Pursuit are as varied as the ages of their crews, but in reasonable weather conditions they must be capable of completing the 26 mile course in a maximum of eight hours.

  • Each boat may support only ONE charity. That charity must ‘benefit the human condition'.

  • The yacht must be seaworthy, safe and suitable to sail a 26 mile offshore course.

  • The yacht must carry adequate safety equipment.

  • The crew of the yacht should reflect offshore conditions on the day.

  • You must have a minimum of £2,000,000 third party insurance.

  • The yacht must have a keel (or keels), be capable of reefing and have an engine (preferably inboard).

  • The yacht must have the capability to monitor VHF Channels 72 and 77 throughout the event. There should also be a working mobile phone on board.

  • You must be able to meet and agree to the Terms & Conditions. and accept the Legal Liabilities.

The organisers reserve the right to refer any entry to the Sailing Officer for scrutiny and determination of suitability to enter, especially smaller yachts whose entry will automatically be referred.   In the event that the boat is entered by a ‘recognised’ sailing establishment the entry must come covered by their own risk assessment and safety provision for the event.

Prize Money

  • Individual Event Prize - £14,000

  • 3-Boat Team Prize Pot - £2,600

  • Special Prizes - £2,000

  • Smeaton Trophy Challenge - £1,400

For the Individual event each yacht receives its prize money as a proportion of the Prize Money Pot by aggregating its Sailed, Sponsorship and Early Entry Points.

Team Event – the three individual boat’s total points are aggregated and used to buy a proportion of the Team Prize Pot!

The Smeaton Trophy prize money is similarly awarded. Any boat, with 3 or more sailors from the same company on board, is eligible to enter the Smeaton Trophy.

The Cheque for the prize money won is sent direct to your charity by our Treasurer and gives an audit trail.   To speed up this process please ensure charity contact details are correct and clear on the Entry form.   You can follow the distribution of the prize money elsewhere on the website at by clicking the button below.

Sponsorship – Please read carefully!

Remember : Minimum sponsorship is £100 but for late entries £150.

This year you should start raising sponsorship early – the more you raise the more it builds points to go towards your final prize money.   Up-dating of sponsorship raised is done regularly.

Sponsorship should be regarded as monies received from supporters in the period prior to the Pursuit, specifically to endorse the entry of a yacht in the event.   In the case of charities it should not be accumulated monies received from various sources which would normally be regarded as income and running expenses.

The organisers reserve the right on a random basis to seek proof of authenticity and source of sponsorship.

Remember :  YOU are responsible for giving/sending your sponsorship monies and Gift Aid forms to your charity.  Without them they can not recover any tax which has already been paid.  Gift Aid can add substantially to the final amount the charity receives.

There is an option if you so choose to use the Just Giving website to accumulate sponsorship.


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