Conditions of Entry

  1. Every yacht should be adequately insured and have a minimum Third Party Liability of £2,000,000.

  2. Every yacht to be seaworthy, suitable to undertake an offshore passage and carry adequate safety equipment. On the day the ability of the yacht’s complement should reflect the conditions.

  3. Every yacht to have a working engine, and be capable of reefing.

  4. Application for entry shall be made via the Eddystone Charity Sailing Pursuit website and only confirmed once payment is made.

  5. No application for entry will be accepted after noon on 1st June 2019.

  6. Every yacht shall have a working VHF and monitor Channels 72 or 77 throughout the event.

  7. Every yacht must have a working mobile phone on board. The number to be provided on registration and, at the latest at the skippers briefing.

  8. Every yacht shall clearly display on the aft rails (or other suitable position) the event logos provided at the Skippers Briefing.

  9. All boats are required to notify the Sailing Office if they retire early or if they are not able to enter on the day.

  10. The Organisers reserve the right to shorten the course for individual yachts according to the conditions on the day. This may include postponement or abandonment.

Further Guidance

Organisations wishing to enter the event should be aware that we expect them to adhere to their own Guidelines for dealing with risk regardless of the desire to win prize money.   Our own risk assessment makes the not unreasonable assumption that you will conform to our Conditions of Entry.

Legal Liability 

  1. By completing and paying for an entry via the online Entry system for the Eddystone Pursuit, participants agree that they accept the Conditions of Entry and further accept that they are responsible for themselves, their crews and their boats, whether ashore or afloat.

  2. Nothing done by the Organisers, i.e. The Charity, Event Management Team, Patrol Craft and anyone helping to run the event, will relieve participants of their responsibilities.

  3. By launching (or putting to sea) participants imply the suitability of their boat and the competence of the skipper and crew for the expected or forecast conditions.

  4. Please understand the Event Organisers shall not be liable for any loss, damage, death or personal injury howsoever caused to the owner/entrant, the skipper or crew, or yacht as a result of their taking part in the event.

  5. Moreover every owner/entrant warrants the suitability of the entered yacht for the event.


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