Welcome to the South Wests No.1 Charity Sailing Event

If you represent or work for a charity you have found the right section with details about how to benefit from The Eddystone Charity Sailing Pursuit "a ready made event" to add to your fundraising calendar. It will cost your charity nothing other than a little of your time to spread the word.

The requirement for charities to join with this event is that their cause should "Benefit the human condition" A vast diversity of supported charities fall within this definition and to date we have over 120 that have taken advantage of the funchase. Local causes are preferred but if your national charity has a local presence it is elegible. Fo more information about getting your charity involved  with this fundraising even please follow the link below Getting involved. 

If you are a yacht owner and have strayed here looking for a local charity to support you may find it clicking on this link:


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