How To Become a Sponsor

To encourage greater competition and generate even more funds for the charities, we have developed the team event where three or more yachts, sailing on behalf of the same charity, join forces to win a different tranche of prize money.

Currently, the prize money for the whole event comes from the same pot. Having a major sponsor for the team event will allow us to put more prize money into the basic event.

The "Offer", to any company that wishes to become a Sponsor is to have their company name appear prominently throughout our literature (and our web site) clearly identifying their company as one that is serious about charitable giving.

What we will do is:

  • promote the team event as "The Your Company Team Event"
  • Put your logos etc prominently on all our material.
  • Make a link to your business site as a part of every page on our web site.
  • Encourage you to choose an appropriate (VIP) person to present your prize at the evening prize-giving supper.

We do hope that your company will take up this opportunity to become more closely associated with improving the quality of life for those less fortunate. By contributing you will be helping a wide range of charitable causes and encouraging others to raise even more. Your company could join in, charter a yacht for a staff fun day on the water and raise sponsorship simultaneously.

For more information please email the secretary:


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