Your Sponsorship.

Sponsorship that has been raised by entrants should be sent / given directly by the entrants to the charities. We would greatly appreciate your donation being associated with our event. A good way to achieve this would be to use our Gift Aid Forms!

Your Prizes.

Please note that the process of prize claim and distribution to the charities is covered in detail in the Charities section. The broad outline is that the money owed to charities (by virtue of various entrants having won prizes) is sent directly to the charities by the event Treasurer courtesy of the Eleanor Creeke Charitable Settlement which has provided the cash. You can follow the distribution of prizes to charities after the event on our In a Nutshell page

Your Charity.

A number of larger charities have either county or local branches i.e. the RNLI  with local lifeboats or Marie Curie Cancer Care with its Devon set up.   If you wish your prize money to go a local branch of your chosen charity, rather than to the national coffers, you must provide us with the exact name and address where you want our Treasurer to send the cheque, otherwise it will go to the national address which we already hold.   This information needs to be provided well in advance of the event.


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